Janice and Flo: Mommy and Me

It's a lot of fun working with toddlers; you just never know what you're going to get! I've learned that you really have to work around their moods, snack times, nap times, what they're playing with, etc. Most of all, the direction they happen to be looking at the time, even if that's not at the camera, lol! This time, it was requested that I throw some "real pictures" into the mix. These are pictures that are cute, but unusual choices. Check out below to see what I mean...

Today we have Janice and Flo, two sisters with a unique story. These two got married within months of each other. Then, last year, they announced that they were expecting within weeks of each other! Their parents were happy to welcome a girl and a boy into the family at practically the same time. This year Claire and Miles are exuberant and playful one year olds, giving as much trouble as they can!

Follow us as we do a double Mommy Makeover and enjoy this double Mommy and Me session just in time for their birthdays! Book your Mommy and Me portraits anytime!

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