Marta: Glamour Makeover

Do you wonder who this wonder is? She's Marta, future Human Resources Executive extraordinaire.

I was happy to join in this glamour portrait photoshoot with fashionista, Marta @luvmarta. Rounding out our team, we were accompanied by the always awesome Tamar of Raising Eyebrows @raisingeyebrowtamar.

It was a sunset shoot that quickly turned into a twilight shoot. It seemed that we were losing the light fast, however, Marta was a natural! We were still able to get a lot of great shots in the limited time. Then we moved on to an unusual location. You may be surprised but, we found some great little corners in a mall close by and had some fun there as well. With this shoot, I definitely learned that you can always find a photoshoot location, you just have to get creative.

Let me know in the comments below how you think our shoot turned out. Come on and join me on my next photo challenge!

This is the BEFORE and AFTER:

See below for a special sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes with Tamar and Marta...

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