Prom Goals

Do you remember your high school prom? I remember all the fun of getting ready. Having my hair and makeup done, picking out a dress, getting to the hall and dancing with my friends...what a night! What a memory.

The one thing that I miss from that night is having a record of those great times. That's why, I'm so glad that I get to capture these high school moments so that they can be treasured for all time.

Jaheela may still be a teenager, but she certainly has already learned how to be a strong and composed woman already. It was so cold outside that the entire crew was bundled up tight. But somehow, she was able to put that out of her mind. She appeared calm and elegant, as if the weather didn't phase her! I'm so happy that she got to benefit from this awesome experience. Follow her journey to prom...

Lead Photographer: @blissberryphotography

Makeup: @raisingeyebrowstamar

Hair: @styles.soo.wild

Model: @loveejaay

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