Lights! Camera! Action?

Since I began this journey, I've always had some curiosity for the other side; moving pictures. Waaay back in high school, I attended an Audio/Visual class and created animation and movies there. Since then, I haven't done much with those skills, but I always wondered...

That's why I jumped at the chance to create a movie when it came along. Tamar and Shemara didn't seem to mind that I had no experience making movies, so I was game to join them in giving it a try!

For those of you out there who have the same questions about crossing over to the videography side, join me as I list some beginners shooting tips that helped me on this new challenge! I'll probably refer back to this list myself, lol.

Give the people what they want!

What kind of movie are you making? A tutorial? A documentary? For this one, the desire was a tutorial infused commercial. They wanted to show their process, not describe it, in a fun and engaging way.


OK, so now, I know what they want, but what does that mean to them? To find the answer to this, I asked them to list what they wanted to see and to provide examples. I suggested that they refer to Instagram and YouTube for real examples, and they did. I used what they supplied as starting point for when I continued with my own research afterward. I looked at many commercials to get a feel for how I'd like to run my own. The type of music, to give the right feel to the audience; the pace, the look, etc.


Yes, now it's time to dream a bit. Try to picture what the full commercial would look like in your head, What are the shots that you see? Are they close? Are they far away? think it would help to find the music first, then visualize along to the track. I didn't do that this time, though.

Break, breakdown

If you caught my Mariah Carey reference then, 'steady breaking me on, down...'! Anyway, the next step is to breakdown the shots you want to see as the movie plays. From your visualization, you already have an idea about what you to see. So, just write your list of shots that you need to record; a shot list. In my case, I knew I wanted close ups on tools, the makeup artist choosing a brush, the model smiling, etc.

Become the Director

Now that you have the framework figured out, it's time to see it all come together. Definitely, keep all your preparation in mind at the same time as letting life happen. If there are specific shots, it's important to step up and make sure they happen for the success of the project. Otherwise, it's those in between times that will add some spice. Remind you of anything? Yep, photography!

Overall, I had a great time! I would definitely do it again; and in fact, I am. This has inspired me to capture memories in a new way. I can't wait to get out there again!

And the first to see the premier of "Prom"!

Lead Photographer: @blissberryphotography

Hair: @styles.soo.wild

Makeup: @raisingeyebrowstamar

Model: @loveejaay

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