Caribana Dreams...

Yes, I'd say summer is definitely here! Along with all those lovely summer signs, like warmer days, the dress with less dress code and, of course, Caribana. This year, I'm going to try something a little different. This year, it's going to be greater than last year! This year, we're putting on the Caribana Beauty Bar! Watch our models through this Caribana experience.

I'm so fortunate to be teaming up with Tamar of Raising Eyebrows and our newest team member, Shemara, founder of Bling Body Art. Due to popular request, we've put together a luxury experience for you. We're putting on your final makeup and body art touches; then setting you up with a fresh photo and an emergency kit for the route. I can't wait for Caribana week to start! Stay tuned to see more of our journey to Caribana 2017.

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