Morning Blush Inspiration

This is definitely flower crown season...welcome to the Morning Blush shoot! I'm so glad to share this bridal inspiration shoot with you. It was my first model shoot of the year and I'm still loving all the great details that we were able to pull together. From the dresses to the hair and makeup to the body artwork. And considering the mini fight about who got to take home the flower crowns, I don’t think they could ever really go out of style!

Since there are so many amazing shots, this blog will be featuring just one of the fabulous models we had with us, Jayda. She's never modelled before, can you believe it? As you will see, she's a natural! This high school beauty effortlessly slayed her first shoot. Can't wait to hang out with her again for the next shoot.

Also, see the sneak peek trailer below. Let me know what you think! Am I getting better? If you like it, let me know down below in the comments...Stay tuned! The full video from the shoot will be up soon!

All the awesome talent involved...if you need this stuff, these are the ladies to call!

Photography & Videography // Nicole @blissberryphotography

MUA // Tamar @raisingeyebrowstamar

Hair // Shemara @style.soo.wild

Body Art // Shemara @blingbodyart

Florals // Melissa @the_decor_girl

Dresses // Bonnie @je_vis_bridal

M​odels​ // Jayda @jadeabebe and Naziha @nazzzybear​

Music // AShamaluev YouTube

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