The Queen's Closet

Have you ever wanted to do something and for some reason, you thought you couldn't do it? That's what our girl Sheleen was thinking, too! Good thing she forgot about all that...

The beautiful and talented Sheleen was a celebrity stylist in a past life and she's decided to take back that life again! I'm glad we were able to gather her ideas and put her new vision together. Just like riding a bike, she never forgot how her thing was done. She is definitely beyond ready to get back to it. One new thing she could try is modelling, don't you think?

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Check out some more looks she's put together for her new self-modelled look book.

The talents:

Photography & Videography // @blissberryphotography

Makeup // Tamar @raisingeyebrowstamar

Stylist // Sheleen @royaltyfm

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